Bye Melbourne
Oct. 7, 2015

It was with an overwhelming amount of organisation (and some sadness) that we finally left Melbourne. Only now do I appreciate the value of having parents to leave all your stuff with so you don't have to deal with it. When we left Ireland, packing was traumatic, but at least I didn't have to decide what to do about 3 half empty bottles of shampoo. It seems such a waste to throw them away.

So we invited our Melbourne friends round on our last night and gave them all our half empty bottles. Our plan was to use up the remaining food and serve them a questionable casserole but in the end we decided baked beans, bananas, muesli and a jar of Sweet and Sour sauce wouldn't be very appetising.

We booked a taxi to the train station for the morning to begin our journey to Singapore. The next day I was trying to take a moment to sadly leave our empty flat, and close the door with a poignant tear, but this was short lived. The taxi didn't arrive. We waited twenty minutes before Dan ran out the main road to try and hail one. He was having no luck so I called upon my friend Ruth in a panic. "Use Uber!" She suggested. Unfortunately I didn't have Uber installed on my phone, didn't have Internet anymore, and had no idea how to use it. Luckily Ruth just did it for me and the taxi the whole way to the airport (we were now late) ended up only costing $2 less than a taxi to the station and the absolute racket that is the Melbourne Sky Bus to the airport.

So now we're in Singapore and I'm wide awake at 6am because they're 3 hours behind.

After this we go to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Chicago (for a wedding), Guatemala, Mexico and Cuba. It's rather exciting now we've actually left and aren't spending days trying to cancel Australian phone contracts.

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