Day One
March 25, 2015

At Christmas I made a snap judgement to quit my job and go travelling around Asia and Australia for the year, funding myself as I went working as a web designer (Dan conveniently already works from home). Although the judgement was snap, the execution took almost 3 months of visas, extremely outdated Australian passport renewal, injections and bookings. But the upshot is that I'm now wide awake at midnight in Beijing after about 24 hours of none or minimal sleep (I think I did some sleeping on our second flight, though felt like a giraffe folded into a shoebox) because I still think it's 4pm. Since our epic journey has only so far featured 2 airports and a very lengthy confusing taxi journey (taxi driver, as my friend Keeva warned me, spoke no English, read no English and couldn't understand our printed Google map) there is not much to report but this is the vague itinerary for the coming months so hopefully I'll have lots of opportunities for blurry pictures of nice things, partially obscured by thumbs.

China, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Australia again, many of the remaining Asian countries, Ireland.

Google doesn't work in China. I was prepared for this and can live without Gmail. It was quite frustrating however that when I logged into Hotmail it said "You're not usually in China... We'll need some proof that you're you. We've sent a validation code to your validation email address". Which was of course... Gmail.

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On March 25, 2015  Arthur Middleton wrote:

Dad came to the rescue again though. Have lots of fun and not too many adventures. As in 'adventures are uncomfortable things happening to other people' said by someone other than me.

On April 6, 2015  Eileen Keane wrote:

What a marvellous experience it will be. Well done you for taking the opportunity. I look forward to reading your travel log.