May 4, 2020
My friend Sam told me about Corona Bingo. Fortunately it isn't a neighbourhood window bingo event because I'd definitely feel like I had to participate in that and it would be cold. Corona Bingo is where you tick off all the things you're doing that you thought were unique and creative, but in fact the entire country is baking banana bread and 90 of it is better than yours.... Read More
Most DIY guides you read on the Internet are, rightfully, written by people who know about DIY and are good at it. So I'm here to fill the niche of DIY Guides from Someone with Enthusiasm and the Ability to Watch a YouTube Video. A year and a half ago, Dan and I bought a flat. Years of Grand Designs brainwashing instilled in me a dream. A dream to buy a derelict old wreck of a money pit and transform it into a beautiful quirky home.... Read More