Oct. 23, 2015
Awful. All they ever seem to have is Lipton. I'd even take Twinings over Lipton. We have our own Tetleys teabags (we got less picky in Australia) but this isn't realistic because we never have milk. Stress.... Read More
Oct. 22, 2015
My first impression of Bangkok was quite good because there was only one taxi rank at the airport. Upon landing in Phuket we were greeted with approximately ten different taxi stands, all with people shouting fare offers. What are you supposed to do? Who do you trust? Not so in Bangkok. One taxi and they're all metered. Easy.... Read More
Oct. 18, 2015
Ko Yao Yai is a small island in Phang Nga Bay where we spent two scenic nights, and ate 2 immense dinner buffets. Our room had a view over the bay and we watched a spectacular sunset. But no one cares about that.... Read More
Oct. 15, 2015
There is a world of difference between what you get when you Google Phuket and what you get when you go there. The airport is in the North, and we were staying in Kata, in the South so we got a colourful and expensive taxi drive down through the island. With each decrepit poverty-laden town we passed through... Read More