One day, I opened my Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series (the name is important in case any poor soul decides to buy this mechanical travesty of a laptop) to find the screen was coming away slightly from the casing. I thought "I should really investigate that" and being a normal person, I did absolutely nothing about it.... Read More
I got this HP620 laptop 5 years ago. The fan makes a lot of noise, the speaker doesn't work, the wireless network adapter turns itself off and sulks for random periods and I've reinstalled Windows 3 times. But we would have been truly lost without it.... Read More
Aug. 20, 2014
There are 2 things I feel I should like: Shoe Shopping Computer Shopping I hate both of these things in equal measure. Even if I dont buy anything, I still quite enjoy normal shopping. Possibly due to the looking at nice things aspect. I just really hate shopping for shoes. This might be because I... Read More