May 4, 2020
My friend Sam told me about Corona Bingo. Fortunately it isn't a neighbourhood window bingo event because I'd definitely feel like I had to participate in that and it would be cold. Corona Bingo is where you tick off all the things you're doing that you thought were unique and creative, but in fact the entire country is baking banana bread and 90 of it is better than yours.... Read More
May 19, 2015
Dan and I sat in a pizzeria in Tokyo on our last night before leaving for Indonesia. All that remained of my blandest-of-the-bland pasta in tomato sauce was lumps of aubergine and courgette, two of the many things on my list of things I hate to eat. It's not the taste. They have none. But they're squishy and this is upsetting. I was in a sombre mood because I (thought I) knew that no matter how tough Japan was for food, Indonesia was going to be a nightmare.... Read More
Nov. 25, 2014
I cant make pancakes. If I had a euro for every person whos told me that making pancakes is easy, Id be a cynical, rage-filled, doubting millionaire. I can make pancake batter but as soon as it touches the frying pan, all hell breaks loose. My Mum, the aforementioned Good Cook... Read More
July 10, 2014
Until the age of 22 the height of my culinary talents was heating up a frozen pizza. Sometimes people say that, but when you really quiz them on it its not true. Well can you make pasta? Oh well obviously pasta. What about chicken?... Read More